About Brahmabodhi

“Magazine, which has a special characteristic approach”

All over the world anthropology has a vital role to play, specially when it comes to India, which is the monarch of culture. Nowhere in the world culture connects to the supreme divinity, irrespective of cast & creed. “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”… preaches you – “The world is your family”.

“Brahma Bodhi”, would mainly focus on Tradition, Legendary works, Life sketches, Traditional write-ups, Health and Food, Fitness, Textile, Dharma (Religion), Fashion – Now and Then, Poetry – Prose – Literature, Event cover-ups, Shilpa Shashtra, Ancient Culture, Spectacular Architecture and our Rich Heritage of India & many more.

Sanatana Dharma is the only way of life and the freedom that we get is infinite. Every human being has a right ... Read More

Members Of Advisory Board

For this artistic work and to strengthen our roots we have formed a legal Advisory Board, which includes great supporters and luminaries.

  • Roop Kumar Rathod (Bollywood Playback Singer)
  • Sunali Roopkumar Rathod (Bollywood Playback Singer)
  • Pt. Ronu Mazumdar (Flutist)
  • Ashit Desai (Vocalist)
  • Bhagyesh Jha (O.S.D - CMO Gujarat)
  • Sushant Shirke (O.S.D- CMO Maharashtra)
  • Parindu Bhagat(Chairman-lndian Oil Co.)
  • Pt. Ratan Mohan Sharma (Senior Classical Vocalist)
  • Guru Sandhya Manoj (Senior Odissi Exponent & Yogachari)
  • Guru Dr. Sandhya Purecha (Senoir Bharatanatyam Exponent)
  • Guru Sangita Chatterjee (Senior Kathak Exponent)
  • Sharad Chitnis (Senior Solicitor)
  • Reshma Chitnis Podar (Senior Solicitor)
  • Amy Modi (Director -Sreesava Foundation)
  • Prajwal Busta (Politician - Chairporson of Panchayat Samiti)

The Magazine

Cultural Magazine

A Cultural Magazine for Art Fraternity.

Yearly Magazine

  • Magazine of deeper insights
  • Applauded by one and all (Saha Rihdayas)
  • Calorie guide for a perfect vehicle - Body.
  • Treasured glimpse of much thoughts
  • A must for every home, cultural guide for healthy life.

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