The Journey

Rupak Mehata


The creator of "Brahmnaad Cultural Society ", Rupak Mehta a parliament of creative education was founded in 2011, whose mission is to promote awareness in the field of Indian Classical Arts, and other allied disciplines.

A vital center of training and performance, the institution. Since its establishment, Brahmnaad has been visited by stalwart musicians and dancers. It provides a holistic education in the...Read More

Rupak Mehata


Giving the forum to the artists of all the level (Senior-Junior) to promote and rebuild the structure of Indian Classical Art forms. With promoting their talent, keeping the high value of the art forms and pursuing a career.

To teach the young talent and promote with special emphasis on "BHARATNATYAM / TABLA / ACTING / SINGING to create an awareness in unity in diversity of all Indian Fine-Arts...Read More